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Win Tee



Characteristics of Win Tee



Made of special rubber, Win Tee gives a special touch of the hands at impact. The innovative square, hexagonal and octagonal design out of a fixed idea for existing tees that is, round shape, makes you have broad options according to your taste, allowing insertion of a variety of letters and pictures in the inside. Also, it may be used for many purposes such as the celebration of hole-in-one, repayment of a kindness, commemoration of a thing or event, and sales promotion. Besides, it guarantees proper direction and increases carry distance without resistance.



International patent, utility model, design registration





Functions of Win Tee


  • Made of rubber highly resistant to the cold and heat
  • Use of pride with innovative square, hexagonal and octagonal design
  • Special touch of rubber itself at impact
  • Beautiful appearance, various colors and 3 sizes
  • Excellent economic efficiency of long life
  • Loss prevention by connection to other articles with a string
  • Service pack that includes a [patented] height adjusting ring wherewith you can set up the height according to your stature








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